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Why do you need to pick up a helmet for dirt biking?


Why do you need to pick up a helmet for dirt biking? by citymoto in Bike Comment: 0



Riding a dirt bike can be the most thrilling experience of your life. And that’s why you can’t perhaps keep your happiness confined within your heart.

You must be itching to hit the racing track right away. But hold on! Do you have all the riding equipment with you yet? Dirt biking can be fraught with risks and fatal accidents. You have to make sure you go there with full body protection. Of the various riding gears, a helmet is the essential one as it takes care of the delicate part of your body – the brain.

The motocross helmets tend to be different from the ones used with regular street bike models. One of the most distinctive features of this headgear is its chin area that juts forward. The design protects your face from significant injuries during a crash or accident. Also, these helmets have better ventilation so that you don’t feel hot. In essence, a helmet is a must for both a rookie and experienced rider. Various reasons make it a must-have item for off-road motorcycle racing.

Importance of wearing a helmet in motocross

Protection from brain and head injuries

Helmets are for the safety of your head and brain. If you look at the previous data, you will come to realize that only 20% of the riders who faced life-threatening injuries wore helmets. The studies show that dirt bikers can reduce the chances of damage to their heads by about 50% and face and neck by about 35% by wearing a helmet. So, before you take your bike out, make sure to put on one.

Keeping the law

Some countries have made it legally compulsory for motocross riders and motorcyclists to wear a helmet while riding. Not wearing it can mean the violation of the law. So, if you want to avoid this situation, do make sure to keep your helmet handy. Even driving schools also tell you why it is essential to wear this headgear.

A savior in all types of weather

Many people use dirt bike for their daily commute. If you are also one of them, then it is undeniable that you may have to reach your office in any weather, regardless of snow or rain. During those times, you can put on your helmet to keep you safe from the unfavorable weather conditions. Also, when it’s too sunny, you can wear it to shield yourself from dangerous UV rays.

Now that you have learned about its importance for your safety make sure you get one soon. The market is chockablock with stocks. Top brands offer exciting models at the best price for their buyers. You can choose anyone that appeals to your taste and personality. However, at the time of buying, you have to heed a few things. For example, the helmet should not be too weighty as it can suffocate you or hamper your posture during racing. Another critical factor is the ventilation. You can sweat profusely at the time of biking on the rough terrains. So, choose something that can keep you cool. Besides, its shape and size and safety features are also vital to consider.

Text & Photo by: Michael Bentos

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