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KMC Launched Smart parking System in New Road, Kathmandu


KMC Launched Smart parking System in New Road, Kathmandu by citymoto in Uncategorized Comment: 0

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has introduced a Smart Parking system in 5 different places ( including the space behind Rameshwaram sweet shop, in front of Bishal Bazaar, Dharma Path, Pako and in front of RB Complex in Kathmandu in a co-ordination with Wheels Truly Yours Pvt. Ltd.


KMC introduce a new mobile app “Park KTM” with this newly launched mobile app, the KMC aims to provide Parking space for Two Wheeler’s and 4 Wheeler’s.

The parking cost for two-wheeler’s is Rs. 25, for four-wheeler’s, it’s Rs. 60 and for six wheeler’s or more, the price is Rs. 200 per hour.

How to Book Parking space from Park Ktm Apps:
– Simply download ‘Park KTM’ for your apps store,
From the system user can check which space is available for their vehicles and make a booking via their mobile phone before reaching the site. Or, one can directly reach to the parking zone and make a booking.


Screen shots from Apps



Screen shots from Apps


Screen shots from Apps


Screen shots from Apps

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