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Motorbike Repairing

We are re-known motorbike repairing center established 45 years ago in Thamel. We started motorbike renting and tours at the same place in 2015 with same team.


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Customized Motorbike Trips

We offer different motorbike tour package in Nepal. We also organize customized motorbike tours as per our customers request.


Adventure Trips


Guided Motorbike Tour

Not only Motorbike hire and Repairing. We also organize guided motorbike tour, we will provide mechanics as well as guide for the Tour, Please check our Tour page for details.


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Motorbike Buy and Sale

Staying in Nepal for long term? If hiring bike is expensive for you then we also sale second hand motorbikes in reasonable price.


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How can we help you?

Apart from Motorbike rental service, we also do Motorbike repairing in our store and second hand bike buy and sale service is also available.


Motorbike repairing Service

customized Motorbike Trips

used bikes


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