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Booking Procedure: 

We have simple form and terms and conditions, which you need to fill up before hiring the bikes.  Here are some required documents which you need to submit before renting motorbike at City Motorbike.

Required Documents:

  • You need to provide following documents before hiring the bike.
  • Original Passport with Nepalese visa or refundable cash deposit.
  • Id card or Citizenship card original.
  • Valid driving license from your country or International Driving license for the hire.
  • Or Someone from Nepal who can stay as a Guarantor for the security along with his/her citizenship, Address, Contact details or requesting for the bike hire with their letter head where you are working or travel agents.


We have bike expertise who don’t compromise in mechanism and we don’t compromise in the service. We assure you that we provide all conditioned and maintained motorbikes.

If you have any questions, please write us on 

Thank you.

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