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Travel Blog: How to go Tin Dhare Jharana, Kathmandu? (Including Photos & Videos)


Travel Blog: How to go Tin Dhare Jharana, Kathmandu? (Including Photos & Videos) by citymoto in Uncategorized Comment: 0


Place: Teen Dhare Jharana, Kavre, Nepal
Trip Route:  Kathmandu- Dhulikhel- Namobudhha- Dapcha – Pangu – Kafal dada – Tindhare Jharana
Another Route: KathmanduBanepa-Panauti- Sankhu- Namobuddha -Dapcha – Pangu – Kafal dada – Tindhare Jharana
Activities: This place is perfect for Hiking, cycling, and Motorbiking. 
Duration: 10-12 Hours on Motorcycle.

Located at Roshi Rural Municipality-2 in Kavrepalanchowk district of Province 3, Tin dhare Jharana (300M) is one of the nearest waterfalls which is around 60Km from Kathmandu.  This place is getting popular these days after the waterfall video got viral all over the social media from the past few months.

teen dhare waterfall kathmandu

How to go Tin Dhare Jharana, Kathmandu?

Tin Dhare Jharana (Waterfall) is situated at Kavre district, we can reach the destination Via Dhulikhel to Kavrebhanjyang to Dapcha and Dapcha to Kafal danda. After we reach Kafal danda, we need to hike for at least 1 hour to reach the waterfall. Since there is no public vehicle to reach the destination and the road is a bit muddy,  slippery we recommend everyone to either go with an offroad bike or 4Wd vehicle.

waterfall in kathmandu teen dhare jharana

Excitement after reaching the destination


At Kafaldada, where we can park our bike and hike for one hour to reach the Tin Dhare Jharana (Waterfall). The hiking part is one of the best parts of this journey because of the amazingly beautiful trails. This destination is getting more popular from the Viral video in TikTok, people are promoting it as a ‘Bahubali Jharana‘ all over the internet. But we request everyone not to use and promote it as a Hindi movie name since it has its own name ‘Teen Dhara Jharana’.



teen dhare jharana video blog



teen dhare waterfall photos



waterfall near kathmandu teen dhare



tin dhare jharana travel blog



how to go teen dhare waterfall

Transportation to Tin Dhare Jharana (Waterfall):

Good condition Motorbike with enough fuel will be okay or 4 wheel drive car with good ground clearance would be the best choice for this trip.

Tin Dhare Jharana (Waterfall) Location Map:

tin dhare jharana waterfall location map


Food & Accommodation in Tin Dhare Jharana (Waterfall):

There are few local tea shops/ Hotels where you can enjoy your local cuisines.

– Be sure to carry a mask & Sanitizer when you travel.
– Be sure to take offroad bikes or 4Wd vehicles and proper hiking shoes.
– There are limited motorcycle repair centers, so make sure to take a good motorcycle.
– Please do not throw any plastics or non-biodegradable waste around the waterfall instead take it back and manage it in the  It’s our responsibility to preserve the natural site.

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